Deleting Wallet SubAccounts on the NNS App

Is there a way to remove a wallet on the NNS App once a “New Account” has been added? Currently I only see an option to Rename it. It should be possible to delete or at a minimum hide old accounts that are no longer in use.


It is not possible at the moment to delete a SubAccount nor to archive it :point_right: I’ll open a feature request in our team’s backlog.

To give you a bit more context, here summarized the outcome of the discussion I had this morning with my colleagues about these questions:

Deleting a SubAccount leads to various interesting questions and challenges such as “what happens when someone sends funds to X but X has deleted the wallet they used” or “what happens if there is a minuscule amount of money left in an account, less than one transaction fee” etc. We also discussed quickly some possible solution but to speak frankly, none felt spontaneously like “the one solution”.

This can be an interesting alternative - as a user being able to archive a SubAccount that has a balance exactly equals to zero. Even though it sounds quite trivial, it can actually become trickier than it sound to implement because even if archived, the account would still be eligible to receive transaction. Therefore it would also need some logic to un-archive these whenever this would happen.

Note: here above I summarized answers regarding “SubAccount” - i.e. “Create new Linked Account” in NSS-dapp. I am guessing that with “Harware Wallet” that’s probably not possible at all.


Thanks Peter. I greatly appreciate you putting it in the team’s backlog. It is really annoying to see SubAccounts in my NNS App that I created by accident. I had to label them NA. The solution you identified I think makes sense, i.e.

  • A SubAccount should have archive functionality at any time if the balance is zero. If the SubAccount does not have zero balance it cannot be archived. That said, a zero balance SubAccount obviously does not need to be archived

  • A SubAccount that is archived can be unarchived at any time

  • A SubAccount that is archived and receives funds will automatically be unarchived

Either that architecture listed above, or if delete functionality is possible and funds are sent there I guess the funds are lost or the transaction doesn’t go through (not sure how this currently works). Either way currently it is very annoying!

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