Dashboard error: "An error occurred while loading the proposal."

It often happens that when I keep a dashboard.internetcomputer.org/proposal/... opened for some time while moving around other tabs in the browser, when I come back to the dashboard tab I get this error:

An error occurred while loading the proposal.

And then, after a few seconds, the proposal shows up again without clicking anything on the page.

Does anyone know what’s the cause?

I’m using Brave on Ubuntu 22.04.

I forward your message to the team.

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@ibert thanks for posting. This could have been caused by a few things; browser memory garbage collection, network issue to our IC API, or us releasing new updates to the UI/API. Is this a regular problem that you experience?

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Yes it happens very often when I keep the tab open for long time and I keep switching to other tabs/windows and back frequently.

Thanks for the info. One more question, does this only happen in the proposals page, or any dashboard page?

I only noticed it on the proposal page for now

Our team has been able to reproduce the issue and we have filed this a bug. We will have a fix deployed as soon as the root cause has been identified.