Cannot see proposals in Voting tab in NNS

Hi there,

My Voting screen doesn’t display any specific proposals but only topics. Is this normal? I remember when I just started staking a few days ago I was able to view the details of some proposals but now all I can see is the list of topics. Where do I get to see the details of currently open proposals? I’m not talking about the Github repo for proposals. I thought the proposals are supposed to be displayed right here in this tab. What am I missing?

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I have the same question. I can’t see the proposals on the voting page either. It seems there should have been some over the couple of days.

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Proposals were paused for an upgrade over the last few of days, this is probably the reason none are showing in the UI.

I still haven’t seen any proposals on my voting page (filtered by “accepting votes” and “open”), but my neuron is voting. My voting power and my maturity are both increasing and it appears I have the ability to spawn a neuron (haven’t tried yet though).