Cycles wallet creation flow is currently broken

Most of the commands documented on the docs like this and this require you to already have your wallet configured.

But, there’s no documented way for you to CREATE/DEPLOY a cycles wallet from scratch that I could find.

I also tried to create a new canister on the NNS and tried to set that to my wallet, but even that is not allowed as shown below:

We need to document better the default way of custodying cycles for sending to canisters that we are running and maintaining.

Please point out if I’ve missed something basic and apparent. Apologies in that case

The Quickstart Tutorial includes the steps to set up a cycles wallet.
dfx identity deploy-wallet [OPTIONS] <CANISTER_ID>

The command is listed in dfx identity --help, but is missing in the reference docs (cc @Severin).

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Thank you. That was the missing piece.