Custom domain registration error

I’m trying to get a custom domain working, and I run into an issue when I try to register the domain with the curl POST request. I get this error message:

missing dns cname record from to

I have followed the example in the documentation, and I believe everything should be setup correctly. The only thing I have noticed is, that the error message adds a “.” at the end of which my DNS won’t allow me to do.

I use Namecheap for my domain/DNS if that makes a difference.

Hey @Carsten,

If you share your domain with me (also via DM), I can check what is going on.

Otherwise, you can simply run this command and replace $CUSTOM_DOMAIN with your domain:

dig CNAME _acme-challenge.$CUSTOM_DOMAIN +short

And the output should look like:


If that is not the case, then, you need to change your DNS configuration.

Hey @rbirkner,

I’m not getting a response from the dig command, so I guess the issue is with my DNS.

The two domains I’m trying to setup are and


I figured out what the issue was. My DNS service was automatically adding the domain name to the CNAME records, so when I used _acme-challenge.$CUSTOM_DOMAIN then it was actually stored as _acme-challenge.$CUSTOM_DOMAIN.$CUSTOM_DOMAIN.

Using the dig command really helped me debug, so thanks for the advise!