CSS appended on the IC?

I’ve been working on a small project to try the Internet Computer.
Everything is fine when I deploy my app locally but when I deploy it on the IC, some css is appended in the header which breaks my styles.

Locally it looks like this:

On the IC:

Do you have any workaround to delete the css stylesheet ?

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You could maybe try appending !important to your own css rules in case they’re getting overridden?

If you want to take a look:

I’m using vue with vuetify

Aye, its CSS from their Candid interface, I believe its a bug and being fixed soon. I for now just override w/ !important css flag for now. What version of DFINITY are you using?


I’m using the last version 0.6.26.
I’ll try the workaround thanks !

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I think this issue is resolved now btw.

Thanks, was starting to implement the workaround :rofl:
Thanks guys for the fix !

Great to hear it :+1: