Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) | Circle

Circle is working with all the major blockchains to implement this new protocol, allowing them to have access to stable coin liquidity. Is Dfinity doing anything to get them to do the same for ICP?

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From glancing at the website it looks like their solutions are all based on bridges. With HTTPS outcalls and native integrations (BTC, and soon ETH) I (personally, can’t speak for the org on this matter) don’t think it’s very likely that DFINITY would put a lot of resources towards CCTP

The protocol docs looks like they are using Solidity code, so it’s something that could be implemented on top of Bitfinity.


Stablecoin are already centralized so it doesn’t really if it use bridges imo. Having native support stables on ICP is critical.

Hopefully Bitfinity will be able to implement this at some point.