Create new canister in an existing project

Hi! I’m a new developer trying to figure out how the Internet Computer works and I’m having a lot of trouble right now, so I’m not sure if this is a dumb question but I’d appreciate some sort of clarification: How do I create a new canister within an existing project? Say I run dfx new hello. Then I understand that I have just created the canisters “hello” and “hello_assets”. However, how do I create a new canister within this project? Do I run dfx new again? But that would create two more canisters. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi rban,

dfx new gives you a template for an application, but after it’s there, you can modify it however you like. The entrypoint of the config is in dfx.json, which you can then customize to rename the canisters, add new ones to the json, or remove any you weren’t using. I recommend looking at GitHub - dfinity/examples: Example applications, microservices, and code samples for the Internet Computer for references