Community fund on nns

Not really. You wil find some vague info, but there it ends for everyone.

At this point, I have to conclude that no one at Dfinity seems to know what the exact functionality is supposed to be ; with the possible exception of Dominic and Lomesh.

Dominic because he was the original tweeter & Lomesh because I read some reference to the community fund in one post.

For reference: the tweet from Dominic was on September 24, 2021. It’s amazing that nearly 4 months have passed since the time I got excited about this.

It might be useful for Dominic or Lomesh to detail the vision. It is also important to note that @lara stated in some other post that the change would be reversible even if the ui says that the change is irreversible.


There is some misunderstanding. @lara said that before they finish setting up this function for community use, they will give the opportunity to reverse the decision for those who accidentally activated “Community fund” flag for their neurons. After that, the decision will be irreversible.


Appreciate your question and your patience on this topic.

The key goal for the community fund is to enable neuron holders to help bootstrap the IC ecosystem. There is currently ~ $9 bn of value staked in neurons and we are exploring the opportunities to bring a subset of this liquidity to the IC ecosystem projects. We are deliberating multiple pathways where this could be possible. For instance, the community neurons could potentially be locked inside the liquidity pool and help contribute liquidity to a DEX or say participate in SNS decentralized auctions.

Over the next few weeks, as we get ready to submit a proposal on this topic, we will start collaborating more closely with the community and map out the most viable approaches for the community fund. Thank you again for your patience.