ckBTC/BTC seeds

I had someone ask me a question I couldn’t really find the answer to.

If I was holding ckBTC and there were a BTC hard fork, would I be able to pull my seed phrase associated with the canister BTC wallet and import it to whatever the hard fork wallet is to get those coins? I couldn’t find if the BTC wallet is generated from the same seed as the ICP wallet or if it’s different.


The BTC underlying ckBTC is held by the ckBTC minter canister using the Threshold ECDSA functionality. This tECDSA key is not exportable. However, if there were a BTC hardfork, the ckBTC minter would now control also the forked-BTC tokens, and can spend them via tECDSA. So in such a scenario, the NNS could upgrade the ckBTC minter to additionally support the forked-bitcoin, allowing all ckBTC holders to also get the forked-btc (or perhaps “ckForkedBTC”).


Wow, that’s amazing and unbelievable, thanks for doing so!