Civol — Community Nervous System

Hi again everyone! I wanted to let you know that Civol is now available as a technology preview. With just a little more polish and testing we’ll be able to launch it as an alpha, but right now everything seems to be working. :sweat_smile:

I also wanted to explain why I stopped posting back in October. There were two main reasons.

First, we were deciding at that particular moment to pivot to a PWA architecture to avoid app store platform risk, and this meant we wouldn’t have the resources to support our mobile apps going forward, which in turn meant that, suddenly, we were no longer ready for users.

The issue was Civol’s content moderation solution, which is both novel and decentralized. Given what we were seeing at the time, we realized the app stores would almost certainly reject us, and we couldn’t risk that. So we had to go with a solution that couldn’t be blocked. This meant the web version of Civol was going to be critical, and we were just getting started on it.

We had chosen Flutter for the Civol frontend because the NNS dapp had recently been done in Flutter and it came highly recommended (there was a brief window where this was true and we were in it). Best thing though was Flutter’s promise of a single code base. So we were just hitting MVP with the mobile version and were expecting a relatively smooth transition to Flutter Web, with maybe 10% rework. As it turned out, almost everything had to be reworked, much of it from scratch.

The team has done a fantastic job in overcoming a literal odyssey of obstacles to get here, so now, at long last, we are beyond thrilled to reveal our technology preview, :fireworks: and we thank you so much for your patience! Again, it’s a minimum viable product, minimally tested, and at the moment only recommended for laptops or desktops running Chrome or Brave. You will be its very first users!

The other main reason I stopped posting was that, as it turned out, very few people were truly interested in Civol as a Community Nervous System, despite the game changing promise. People would say they were going to post but almost no one did. Why? No one said, but the obvious truth is, no one ever wants to be first :smile:. So this was not too surprising, especially when there was no real demand for a video based governance solution in the first place. I love the IC and am beyond grateful for it, and for the help Dfinity has given Civol, so I wanted our pilot to be something that would really help the IC directly. I think we’ll probably circle back to the CNS proposal once everyone has had a chance to experience what Civol can actually do for a community. Until then, we can consider this thread archived.

But about the new pilot… It’s called Civol Earth, and it focuses on a new community who have been actively searching for a decentralized globally scalable coordination solution (i.e., collective sensemaking and decisionmaking) for a couple of years now. I had no idea they were there, as what I had been calling governance for so long they refer to as coordination. Much better word! Their focus presently is on what is being called the Metacrisis, which is what happens when all the existential issues humanity is facing (AI, BIO, NUCLEAR, etc) start to go exponential. So global issues are the focus of Civol Earth, and I’m in the process of introducing it to the Metacrisis community right now.

Importantly, an area of strong overlap between the two communities (IC and Metacrisis) is Crypto Regulation, as some of the Metacrisis leaders are web3 Ethereum developers! Regulation is critical right now as disparate national approaches threaten to fragment and thereby marginalize crypto as a viable competitor to the CBDCs being rolled out by national governments. The incumbents wield massively powerful coordination solutions directly coupled to mainstream media, while the global crypto community currently has no coordination solution at all with which to make its case. Civol can serve as that solution, offering the possibility of decentralized global regulation for the first time ever, up and running on the Internet Computer.

So please give Civol Earth a try IC community! To simplify onboarding here at the start we recommend what we know for sure works for our PWA, and that is Chrome or Brave on a laptop or desktop. What you’ll see once you auth in via II is our grid, with 4 hostposts from me to get things started. One of those is on Decentralized Regulation for Crypto, so please jump in and reply or create your own hostpost!

I will create a new thread here on this forum devoted to the Civol Earth pilot. We can move the discussion there. Thanks for your interest in Civol!


Wow, good approaches :+1::+1: can’t wait to see more progress!