About the Governance category

We are excited to launch this Governance forum so that everyone in the Internet Computer community can discuss proposals for the Network Nervous System (NNS)!

All Internet Computer blockchain updates and operations are managed through the open, decentralized governance system that is the NNS. Anyone can submit a proposal to the NNS, and if it is adopted by the Internet Computer community, it is immediately executed.

For information on how to submit a proposal, check out this article on the Internet Computer Association (ICA) site. The article describes the details on how to submit two types of proposals to the community: “Authorize-to-subnet” and “Motion” proposals.

“Motion” proposals enable you to propose your thoughts for the future strategy of the Internet Computer. This can be about anything you think is important for the community to consider. If the community adopts the motion, it will guide the future direction of the Internet Computer.

Before you submit Motion proposals, it’s a good idea to first start a discussion with the broader community in this forum to get their thoughts and feedback. You can then include their feedback in your proposal submission so that all community members who choose to vote on your proposal can see it.

To start a discussion, create a new chat thread under this ‘Governance’ category with your proposal’s title name. Kick off the thread with a summary description of your proposal to get community feedback, and invite community members to comment.

For your Motion proposal, consider including a description on the background (problem to solve or opportunity to pursue on the Internet Computer); the proposed solution; thoughts on how the solution should be implemented; and any other details or links that you think will help the community understand and discuss your Motion.

We look forward to seeing your proposals and participating in the community discussions that shape the forward direction of the Internet Computer.