Chain Key technology

Hi, I’ve heard about “chain key” technology, which will allow canister code running on the Internet Computer to securely create and sign Ethereum and Bitcoin transactions. Is there any info about how to access to this?


hi @Flanker, not yet! i will keep you posted when it‘s released!

As far as I understood -

the shards (or subnet) nodes generates a “Chain Key” via distributed key generation (w/ DFINITY sauce).
So each shards has a distributed key, that they use to communicate with other shards (they sign some cross-shards transactions with this distributed key)

The Chain Key is updated by (each) shards nodes every epoch (?), at the same time the nodes changes shards (controlled by NNS).

I can imagine that NNS will check which “shards” talks the most together during the current epoch, and reorganize them to be part of the same shards for the next epoch.