Chain Key Paper, 11/ll parties?

I’ve been going through the Chain Key draft that was just released yesterday, and I’m wondering if there is a typo or some misunderstanding on my part. At the beginning of section 5, it says: “ll
parties have long-term public encryption keys, which makes it easy to manage the
public keys since they are static but carries with it a risk of compromise during
their lifetime.”

What are those first two characters in the quote? I’ve checked, and it seems like they are lowercase L’s (like the letter L, but lowercase). But it doesn’t make sense to me why there are two lowercase L’s right there. I’m hoping they aren’t supposed to be 1’s, thus indicating there are 11 parties with long-term public encryption keys.

Can anyone help me out?

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I’m sure it was the word “All” as in “All parties have long-term…”


That sounds reasonable!