Cansiter becomes unresponsive


I can confirm my call is received by the canister(I see it in debug message)
When my canister does not have a return, everything is working, however, when my canister returns a Text (a simple one). and I query it using the agent library, it stops responding, and I cannot even call it using command line! any idea why?

After the very first call from agent, it logs the message and stops responding even to calls from command line. If there is no return, it works fine.

import Debug "mo:base/Debug";
actor HelloActor {
   public query func hello() : async Text {
      Debug.print ("Hello, World from DFINITY \n");
	  return "Hello, World from DFINITY";

Is there a log somewhere that hows what is blocking the requests?

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  • dfx stop
  • dfx start

You should be fine

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Yeah, I recreated it from scratch and working. Maybe there was something wrong when I was creating the first one. But the reason I kept this open was to see if there is anywhere that I can see a log of what is happening at each moment? like the logs we have for nginx or apache

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