NNSCat – an inbox for NNS proposals

First pass at this, see if it’s useful…
(Desktop only for now)

Quickly click through, filter, group and review upcoming proposals by topic, status, proposer etc., see which proposals require most attention and further review and where best to focus your time.

  • Immediately see which proposals are still accepting votes.

  • Focus on groups of related proposals together.

  • Easily identify and filter proposals from the same proposer.

  • Queue proposals for voting.

  • :brain: Save brain time.


Wow, I like this a lot.
Would be nice to see where the vote stand (YES and NO) for proposals still in voting process.
Still, really good tool.
Thank you

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Recent updates…

  • :+1: You can now input your Neuron ID to keep track of the proposals you’ve not yet voted on.

  • Filter by Proposer directly from any proposal you’re reading to check for other proposals they might have made.

  • Change selection mode to ‘switch’ in the Filters to work through topics one at a time.


  • New topics—keep up with Subnet and Replica version management, and SNS launch proposals.

  • If you’re only interested in the execution of proposals you can group the inbox differently, by Open proposals.

There are a few other things hiding away in there too ; ) and more to come.


Love this app. Is it possible to add in SNS support so one can toggle at the top?

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Thanks David, that could be useful couldn’t it. I’ll explore ideas.

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