Canister first steps example, Shakespeare1212

Admins-MacBook-Pro:hello admin$ sudo npm install

up to date, audited 648 packages in 2s

68 packages are looking for funding

run npm fund for details

3 moderate severity vulnerabilities

To address all issues (including breaking changes), run:

npm audit fix --force

Run npm audit for details.

Admins-MacBook-Pro:hello admin$ sudo dfx deploy

An error happened during communication with the replica: error sending request for url ( error trying to connect: tcp connect error: Connection refused (os error 61)

Admins-MacBook-Pro:hello admin$

I am almost totally lost folks. Is there anyone in the Los Angeles area, or anyone who could get together with me via Skype or something? I am very new to back and to Mac. I bought a Mac book pro, upgraded the OS to 10.13.6 it has an intel i7 chip. The journey continues.

Before deploying locally with dfx deploy you should start first a local simulated IC with dfx start (either in another tab or in the background dfx start --background).