Any External canister integration how to guides

the candid web UI is awesome :smiley:
can I get a button there that just generates the code I need to import into my project for interfacing faster?
Sorry if I’m misunderstanding the process.

A step by step guide to integrating any bodies public canister functions would be very much appreciated :grin:

Not sure if you want to call an external canister in browser, or need a way to draw the UI for that canister method. For the former, you can see this release notes: sdk/ at master · dfinity/sdk · GitHub. For the latter, we don’t have a fully baked solution. But you can call renderInput function from @dfinity/candid, which takes a JS binding of the method type, and returns the DOM elements that corresponds to the method type.

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Thank you for the information :smiley:
At the moment I’m looking into Motoko backend inter-canister calls.

Both backend and frontend guides for this in the docs would be much awesome :grin:

We have a guide here: How to | Internet Computer Home.

The JS binding part is a bit out-dated, I will update it next week.

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Thank you.

Is there anything on interacting with external canisters through Motoko?

All I have is an external canister ID
no integration code
and I’d like to have my Motoko backend code call public functions on that external canister

what next?

Does this help?

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Very helpful much appreciated :grin: Thank you!

I’m excited about how much more there is in this repo already

:slight_smile: please consider making the actor_reference example feature complete

including how to define query’s, complex methods, error handling, etc
within the actor

get_location : query() -> async { x : Nat; y : Nat };
get_number_of_items_at(x: Nat, y: Nat) : async Nat;

at the moment I’m just trying stuff to avoid errors :sweat_smile: