Does Dfinity have a plan to introduce stablecoin?

I noticed USDC has been running on Solana since last year. Does Dfinity have a plan to introduce stablecoin on IC? I guess either talk to Circle or Tether, or Dfinity makes a plan to issue something like USD-IC. I personally believe the stablecoin will be a big deal for our econ-system, or Defi would grow so slow.

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I am just brainstorming. Dfinity could just ask Circle to implement the USDC canister and then blackhole the controller. I don’t see how can it go wrong. It benefits for all parties.

As far as I know, for some projects like TRON, it is the project team to contact Circle or Tether to introduce USDC or USDT to their eco-system, don’t know if Dfinity team has this kind of plan or not. Since the token standard is released, I am wondering for the time being if it is the right time to do so or not?