Building API system with ICP

Hi, We are interested to develop an ICP system as an API system, purely for us to call and save data to ICP canister. And the frontend is built elsewhere.

  1. If that is doable? As when we tried calling the endpoint like it is returning us the candid interface instead of returning like a JSON response.

  2. For use case like this, on the wallet management side, are we able to keep a wallet private key in the server, and any transactions that we want to make, we will just utilize the wallet private key to sign the transactions? Understand that this is not the most secure approach, but we would like to do it as a POC first, and the wallet used will only be used for recording data and not valuable assets will be transferred.


Yes you can do all of this. What language/CDK are you wanting to use? For example, in Azle (though beta), we are moving everything to be HTTP-first. You have Node http server, Express, and soon NestJS.

The under-the-hood infrastructure can be used by any other CDK to build up this functionality, here’s more info: Servers - The Azle Book


You can also use these libraries to the same effect @lastmjs mentioned:




Juno may also have some tools for you to use to back your application with a store on the ic.