Bug Report on first page example

Here there is an example once after the deployment calling the canister look wrong

dfx canister call hello greet ‘(“John”)’

is the right command to get the output Hello John

Instead currently in example the command is as below which may confuse a newbie

dfx canister call hello greet everyone ("Hello, everyone!")

I had a problem a little further on. I get the Hello front end web page to come up… Running from a local server. but when I input some text and click the button, nothing happens.

The server terminal window displayed this message:

Jul 14 00:15:29.879 WARN s:/n:/ic_crypto_internal_csp/proto_store WARNING: deleting key with ID KeyId(0xc5cd89a25ea50a424375d445500ff32abbed343ac21394ff52f8b135cb8d2094) with scope Const:NiDkgThresholdKeys

I am not sure if it is related.

@shakespeare1212 This message is normal, you probably have an error in the browser console regarding verify certificate issues.
you can add agent.fetchRootKey() at the top of your index.js after initialize agent.
or use new version of dfx
DFX_VERSION="0.7.7" sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL https://sdk.dfinity.org/install.sh)"
There’s a thread on the forum currently regarding this issue.

This command dfx canister call hello greet everyone
will output ("Hello, everyone!")

This command dfx canister call hello greet ‘("John")’
will output ("Hello, John!")
You can also omit the paranthsies and the quote since it’s a string type
dfx canister call hello greet John
And it will work the same ("Hello, John!")