Borrow and Lend ckBTC for Ordinals as Collateral

It all began during the buzz of Ordinals. We joined a hackathon, creating an MVP featuring ckBTC and Ordinals as collateral. Securing second place, we earned a $25k grant.

Project highlights

  1. Borrow and Lend ckBTC
  2. Ordinals, BRC-20 as Collateral
  3. Fast Transaction using ICP on Bitcoin L2
  4. Less Expensive transaction fee
  5. Quick Settlement

Built with

  1. Front-end - Node js
  2. Back-end Canister - Motoko
  3. Middle-ware Node js
  4. Bitcoin Full-node

Status of the project
We’ve achieved three milestones successfully and are poised for market entry post completion of the code audit process by the audit team.

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congratulate! Finance is my area of focus and I hope to see the product as soon as possible.
Regarding staking, there may be more forms, such as pledging ckBTC to borrow stablecoins.

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