BNT-16: ckBTC Landing Page Design


Status: Closed
Project Type: Competition
Time Commitment: Days
Experience Level: Intermediate
Size: USD 1000 in ICP (At time of distribution, will be shared among participants)
Deadline: Bitcoin Halving, April 20th, 2024


Chain-key Bitcoin (ckBTC) provides non-custodial payments with 1-2 second finality and negligible fees. It is a multi-chain bitcoin twin, created by chain-key cryptography and ICP smart contracts that directly hold raw bitcoin without relying on intermediaries.

Purpose and Target Audience

With this bounty, we’d like to explore the design of a dedicated ckBTC landing page (independent of

The landing page should be focused mainly on potential users of ckBTC. Developers are only a secondary audience.

  • Explain why a user should use ckBTC.
  • Create confidence in the security of ckBTC.
  • Showcase where and how you can use ckBTC.
  • Enable users to connect their ICP wallet and exchange BTC for ICP.

Expected Content

  • What is ckBTC.
  • Some real-time information (e.g. TVL, Volume, Number of transactions).
  • Directly exchange BTC for ckBTC.
  • A graphical overview of how ckBTC works.
  • Ecosystem overview where you can use ckBTC.
  • A FAQ section.
  • Links to developer resources to integrate/leverage ckBTC.

These are not hard requirements.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Figma design of at least a single landing page that can be used as a blueprint for an implementation.
  • Responsive design. Includes at least a desktop and mobile view.

Future Plans

We might give out a second bounty to the winner to work with us to improve the design further.

How to apply

Post your submission in this thread before the deadline.
Please be aware that Terms and Conditions of the DFINITY Developer Grants Program apply.



Hi! I’d like to participate. Where’s the submission form?

@brevvi you just have to post your submission in the thread.


Great bounty for designers to put into their portfolio. Upping the thread and bringing some references that look cool stylistically & might be an inspiration to someone.


ckBTC Landing Page Design

Prototype: web version



Right on deadline

ckBTC landing page design:



Thank you @dmit and @Tomilola for the submissions. We’ll review the design early next week.

Have a great halving weekend :slight_smile:


Here’s my ckBTC Landing Page Design. Let me what you guys think

Chugga Chugaa

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Thank you all for the submissions. I need to ask for a bit more patience.


Again, thank you all for the submissions, here’s the verdict :slight_smile:

:1st_place_medal: @dmit - USD 600 in ICP
:2nd_place_medal: @Tomilola - USD 300 in ICP
:3rd_place_medal: @bitcoinccino1 - USD 100 in ICP

I’ll contact you via DM on how to claim the rewards.


Thank you for the opportunity and congrats to all the other contestants. It would be really helpful if we could receive feedback for each submission.

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