Blog: Few things to know before launching a SvelteKit app in prod

Thank you for the help and feedbacks! Glad we figured out a solution that works for any NodeJS version :+1:

Adding II to SvelteKit is absolutely no issue and straight forward. Basically just a store, a svelte #if, a sign-in and sign-out function and ready to roll.

As we discussed II was not needed, I did not added it in the template but can do if you think that’s useful? We can also have another template later if you think it’s better narrowed? Your call.

I have successfully added II in my local environment and it’s working. I thought that you mentioned that there are some caveats when running on the IC network. If not then all is fine, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Oh yes right, in the dapps I use II I have various polyfill in place. Glad to hear it worked out for you too. Ping me if you notice any issues please. I would be happy to improve the template.

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