Auto Merging without NNS Dapp

So the core outline of the solution (in user land) including the motivation is in the following repository

Happy to report that the codification of solution works !

Over the next couple of days, I will fill out the details of the solution.

Happy Holidays (if you observe)


This is wonderful. The introduction is so exact. A marvel of truth.

So I guess it would work for neurons created thanks to Ledger hardwallet by setting this kind of followee too !

The POC is now documented in github including a video on how to create a manage neuron followee. Unfortunately it does not seem likely that one would be able to assign a followee currently to a ledger managed neuron.

In the video you show that the request parameter topic 1 is manage neuron. How do you know these parameters and which topic is which number? Where did you go to learn that information?

I’m having trouble finding information about the manage neuron features that are available for a neuron and would like to learn more about the various options.


The original idea about the topic 1 being the manage neuron topic came from under the Dedicate Neuron. The “how to set the parameters” came from Clear description and separate section for Manage Neuron Topic · Issue #261 · dfinity/nns-dapp · GitHub. Just a quick plug : I would also like that issue to be resolved (clear description and separate section for manage neuron topic). I believe that this is what you are asking for as well.

As to which topic is which number, I have not mapped all the topics. I suppose one way of doing this is through the video that is linked by going through all topics and noting their numbers. So far, I know

0 -- All Topics
1 -- Manage Neuron
2 -- Exchange Rate 

I found about the different options in manage-neuron topic through quill. quill-linux-x86_64 neuron-manage --help, Specifically it exposes the following options:

  • add-hot-key
  • disburse
  • join-community-fund
  • merge-maturity
  • remove-hot-key
  • spawn
  • split
  • start-dissolving
  • stop-dissolving



Auto merging is now operational. The code is checked in into the repo linked above. The outline of the details is a little rough. Please let me know if you use this solution and if you have any issues.

As an aside, it does cost 0.02 ICP per management proposal. Since I have 5 neurons to manage, it does add up. So it is cost effective for me to do weekly auto-merges but not daily.

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