Async DeFi without user facing Principals IDs and subaccount identifiers

After sending ICP from an exchange to NNS dapp or other wallet, a user should not have to deal with Principals. The wallets and DeFi services (and all other stuff like email, social etc) should integrate based on standards for usernames / domain names and wallet that can give temporary permission to other canister to spend from them

I as a user should be able to fully own my canisters with all my valuable stuff while at the same time being able to give permission to other canisters to do stuff on my behalf in my canisters. All in a very accessible user friendly way.

Hope this makes… How to do this?

Ps: the IC rocks and I’m totally hooked

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Also, as long as ICQC are not fast, a user should be made aware where their stuff lives and who controls what…

See: Bounty #15 - Motoko Wallet - $5,000+

We’d love for someone to build it!