Assigned BNT-7 - DFX Dashboard GUI - A native app


Status: Completed
Project Type: Traditional - One applicant is selected to work on the task.
Time Commitment: Weeks
Experience Level: Advanced
Size: USD 10’000 in ICP (at time of distribution)


A cross-platform native application that provides a graphical abstraction of key dfx capabilities.

For example, the ability to call canisters with arguments is typically done through the command line using dfx - this process requires forming method arguments into a string, including escaping double quotes and ensuring brackets are properly closed. This is error-prone and cumbersome. Instead, a DFX Dashboard GUI would provide such a capability by exposing a form in the UI that would allow a user to compose canister arguments and call a canister with the click of a button.

In addition, a DFX Dashboard would provide better interoperability between the local dfx identity, and Internet Identity, helping us move towards our goal of a more seamless transition between the two.

Use Cases

  • editing of dfx.json schema
  • calling canisters with arguments; providing the ability to compose canister arguments through a form-based UI
  • making dfx identity portable through an integration with Internet Identity
  • provide better discoverability of dfx commands / capabilities
  • improve user experience by replacing the terminal for a number of use cases where using the terminal is awkward.


  • ability to log-in with, and interoperate with Internet Identity
  • ability to compose canister arguments through the UI; call canisters with arguments
  • ability to edit JSON configurations used by dfx (e.g. dfx.json, networks.json, ic-assets.json)

Acceptance Criteria

  • Open Source license (MIT)
  • Running on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows


  • This could be a starting point for a DFINITY Developer Grant to further improve the developer experience.

How to apply?

Include links to previous relevant work.
Include a brief overview of how you will complete the task.
Post your application text in this thread.

Please be aware that Terms and Conditions of the DFINITY Developer Grants Program apply.



Isn’t this already achieved by Mora Light?


Hi, I recommend Light. It seems to fit the bill. I use the tool based on Light to query the computing power and income of EMC projects every day. (Mora - Eternal Fellowship)

Light is lightweight, cross-platform, easy to use, and does not require users to understand the motoko language.

Light’s introduction: Mora - Eternal Fellowship

If you want to try it, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Light already did this. mate


So I am guessing light is a native app?

Light already did this. mate

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Everybody can use and make a tool by light on Mora. its a cool tool.

Show me a video. I really don’t want to try it. The UX looks complicated.

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@Mora Light already did this. mate


It already run on IC.


Show me vid of this use case.

Why not just use JSON. Why complicate the UI?

Are you a dev? you also can ignore UI, just use programmer code. mate

It really used very easily and useful .

show me. I don’t want to create an account. Last time I tried it asked me to spam my twitter account.

Light already did this. mate

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Very helpful. I can see that from just reading text. Show me an example of how it works using a complicated scenario. I also think the description of this post needs more clarification as to what it wants. Like do you want it to be like Postman or like Scratch?

Amazing! Light is a big project

Not everyone knows how to use json. Light uses UI instead of json to reduce programming requirements. Even you don’t know what is json or motoko. This is a miracle. Currently in the dapps of Dfinty, it is absolutely advanced and fantastic.

Most programmers know how to use JSON. Most people can learn JSON in like a few days at most. UI just complicates things. I just want examples of how it is being used and how it can help with the proposal outline above.

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