Announcing "Token Standard" as topic of the first meeting of the Ledger & Tokenization Working Group

Hi everyone, as promised during last meeting I’ve created a forum post about ERC-20’s approve/transferFrom issues that we have collected. Please have a look ERC-20’s approve/transferFrom security concerns for the ICRC-1 Token Standard.

Hey everyone, a quick reminder that today we are going to finalise the core ICRC-1 token standard during the working group at 6pm CEST time. See you later!

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Dear community!

For tomorrow’s (November 29) meeting of the ledger and tokenization WG we would like to propose an agenda with the following topics:

  • ICRC-2 recap
    • Hum on current ICRC-2 proposal
    • Initiating the voting if there is rough consensus
  • WG governance
    • Feedback from the governance WG
    • Next steps

If you have any other suggestions for topics, please let me know.