Announcing Event Client Beta 0.9.1 Release

Announcing Event Client Beta 0.9.1 Release

We are pleased to announce the beta release of Event Client 0.9.1 as part of our Motoko Event Hub project! This release brings us one step closer to a robust and efficient event management system tailored for the Internet Computer ecosystem.

About Event Hub

The Event Hub is a comprehensive implementation of the pub-sub pattern in the Motoko programming language. It is designed to manage events, handle subscribers, and send events to subscribers, all while maintaining interoperability with Ethereum RPC methods.

Key Features

  1. Subscriber Management :
    • Functions for subscribing and unsubscribing to events.
  2. Publication Management :
    • Register new publications and publish events to subscribers.
  3. Broadcaster :
    • Efficiently distribute messages to subscribers.
  4. Ethereum Interaction :
    • Functions to call Ethereum RPC methods to get Ethereum logs, block by number, and send raw transactions.

Use and Deployment

See the project’s README.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

Get Involved

Help us improve the Event Hub by testing the beta release and providing feedback. Your input is invaluable in refining the system and making it more robust.

Feel free to dive into the code, explore the features, and let us know how we can improve. Thanks for your support and happy coding!

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