Release Notes for V0.5.0

Hello community!

We are so excited to announce that V0.5.0 of the SDK is available for download! :partying_face:

What’s new?

  • Module imports no longer require .mo file extensions.
    For example, import List "mo:stdlib/"; now becomes import List "mo:stdlib/list";

  • All functionality required for LinkedUp to compile is included in this version.
    The LinkedUp repo can be accessed here.

  • What was previously referred to as the Internet Computer client is being renamed to replica .
    Documentation is in the process of being updated to reflect this change.

  • New tutorials have been added to provide additional guidance to new developers and include more sample code.
    A front-end tutorial is now available here.

Issues fixed in this release:

  • Main.js is no longer hardcoded
  • Improved error messages when using --client flag incorrectly
  • Improved syntax error messages for Motoko compiler

Also a quick reminder of the breaking change from V0.4.13 which removes definitions like debugPrint , abs and range from the default scope. You now have to import them through the Motoko standard library. For help with importing from the standard library, check out this section of the Motoko language reference and also the phonebook tutorial.