Angular16 and Motoko

I am a refined gentleman. And like most gentlemen, I prefer to use Angular as the front-end for my decentralized applications. I know you say that you’re using the Internet Computer, but are you really using the Internet Computer?

So Yeah- I am using Angular for my projects, and am sharing code so we don’t reinvent stuff, ya know? This is a play-and-play solution for anyone wanting to try out Angular with Motoko. After ‘npm install’, run ‘npm run deploy:local’ and it at least comes up for me. Easy to deploy on IC, just fill in ‘canister_ids.json’ with- you know. The ‘greet’ function returns in the console as a zone-aware promise. It is a 0.0.1 after all. I am adding state management for II. It is either going to be NGRX or Signals. Signals is in beta, so leaning more towards NGRX.

Appreciation goes out to shawndotey (Shawn Dotey) · GitHubAngular meets Internet Computer. A beginners guide on how you can get… | by Bole Roland | MediumGitHub - samlinux/angularMeetsIc: This tutorial shows how you can use a Motoko canister as the backend for an Angular project.

From you I not only learned, but copy and pasted. Don’t worry, I had to actually do some of my own work besides right-clicking.

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Sir, I am also a gentleman respecting the league of angular and motoko. Allow me to add my 5 pence. Feel free to use standalone components and signals. This works great. RxAngular is also a godsend for performance and has a good state manager. Don’t forget to add .dfx to .gitignore

I say good sir, you caught me with my .dfx hanging out! Don’t worry, it has been .gitignore’d, before further embarssement is to be caused; especially with a file as large as my .dfx!

Thanks for the RxAngular mention! I am rifling through its documentation section even as we speak!