Angular implementation of the Internet Computer

I put together an Angular application example (here) implementing the current dfx version. I will try to keep it up to date as the dfx cli updates. Please let me know if there are any problems, needs further clarity, comments, ideas or suggestions. If everything looks good enough, I will submit it as a PR to the examples repo.


Very useful. Have left some suggestions.

Hi thanks for your example. This is working fine for me as long I use you github repo. If I try to reproduce the project from scratch I run into several problems.

Could you help me sort the problem out?

  • I think the initCanisterIds() function is not called ?
  • The custom-webpack.config.js is also not used ?
  • process is not found in the declarations index.js file ?

to name some problems.


ok, I finally found the right path. Now I have a working local Angular development platform.

I will try to reproduce this steps and write a short guide around this. Maybe this is useful also for others.

Here you can find a step by step guide to setup Angular with a Motoko backend canister.

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