Andrew Tate - Hold on, Hear me out

As the Title says, hear me out.

Many or at least some know who Andrew Tate are by now etc.

And some may know by now that he got Banned on many platforms; Meta, Instagram, Discord, YouTube and many more…

Here comes my idea/question, ICP/Dfinity have built some alternative / platforms like those. Why don’t some from the Dfinity Team not get in Contact with Andrew Tate, and telling/showing him what Dfinity can do, and what it have, which can push ICP/Dfinity out to a lot of people?

in a good way, which can help him, and not only that, it can help Dfinity in many ways.

am i missing something?

btw sorry if i have chosen the wrong “channel/topic” place.

This is something to consider.

However, I don’t think DFinity should be the one to prescribe certain viewpoints to have foundation support on the IC. DFinity should be tech-focused only; if people use it to spread their opinions like Andrew Tate, that is on them.

That being said, feel free to reach out to Andrew Tate and get him to use the IC. But DFinity shouldn’t be responsible for offering controversial people salvation.


I’d definitely cast my vote against courting a serial human trafficker and notorious misogynist, personally


Agreed, can’t think of anything worse for marketing than home of the worst people.


Rumble already did it.

I’d be ok with him being on the IC, but I don’t think the foundation should be the one to contact him.

I despise the guy and what he does, but as long as it’s not illegal I don’t think he should be censored, otherwise we aren’t that different from AWS and web 2.


I’d vote against it if we were even given a say in it, and the foundation was the one trying to sponsor them or endorse it. If perhaps they (anyone at all who may have been “canceled”) wanted to use the tech and not turn it into a destructive platform with toxic behavior, then I’d even be okay with letting them join the community. It would be a fine line though.

Would we say the same for someone as prolific as Donald Trump?