Agent-JS 0.11.0 is live!

minor version 11 is the IdleManager release

upgrading to this version will change default behavior in @dfinity/auth-client .

  • default delegation expiration is now 8 hours if not specified
  • Idle manager will now log users out after 10 minutes
    • idle manager can be disabled and its timeout is also configurable
  • HttpAgent now makes calls using a nonce
  • HttpAgent identities can be invalidated or replaced

Additional changes include -

  • HttpAgent calls now generate a nonce by default
  • AuthClient now supports opening identityProvider as a new popup window, in addition to a tab
    • (new tab is still recommended for mobile clients)

For the full release notes, see Release v0.11.0 · dfinity/agent-js · GitHub
The changelog is available at Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap