Accessing types from declarations file in JS frontend

I’m trying to import my generated types on the frontend.

import { bulldogblast } from "../../declarations/bulldogblast"

This is working, I can call functions on my canister using

await bulldogblast.<function>

One of those function calls requires a type.

const result = await bulldogblast.input(parseInt(gameID), 1, {commandType: "Thrust", vector: directionVector, player: 1}

fails because "Thrust" doesn’t match the invariant of "Fire; Thrust";
I tried sending a symbol, failed, integer (hoping the enm would match), that failed the invariant check too.

So I look into importing types, following the thread here: Best way to use generated declarations in JS / reactJS frontend? I tried in my javascript:

import { InputCommand, InputCommandTypes } from "../../declarations/bulldogblast/bulldogblast.did";

and I get a webpack error:

"Module parse failed: Unexpected token
You may need an apppropriate loader to handle this file type, currently no loaders are configured to process this file.

> type Velocity =
 record {
  x: float 64;

so my type import is failing.

How do I access my types in the frontend?