A new framework to write NodeJS clients for the Internet Computer

Hi all,

For all those who are interested, I have created a dfinity module in BlueprintJS called blueprint-dfinity. The goal of this module is to make it easier to write NodeJS clients for the Internet Computer. Some of the key features of this BlueprintJS module are:

  • Declarative approach for defining actors instead of writing low-level JavaScript code
  • Ability to bind actors and their source canisters to properties
  • Codifies bootstrapping code

The current version on trunk uses the original property definition approach to define actors, and bind them to object properties. The newest version of the blueprint-dfinity, which is to be released with BlueprintJS v5, uses decorators to define the actors and bindings to properties on ES6 classes.

blueprint/packages/blueprint-dfinity at v5 · onehilltech/blueprint · GitHub

Please have a look and provide feedback.

Disclaimer. I am the creator of BlueprintJS.


Very curious to try this out!

Awesome! If you run into any problems, please let me know.