A blog post published and fully edited on the IC

I just shared a new blog post about “Converting SVG to image in JS”.

The article was published and fully edited (:fire:) on the IC!

In addition to slides (our core feature), our platform (DeckDeckGo) will also support documents and articles.

I am currently developing a new rich text editor for that purpose and this was the first real life test :smiley:.

Looking forward to start the beta early 2022.

Merry Xmas :christmas_tree:


This is how it looks like:

  • Left the editor (an “asset” canister for the editor and one canister per user for their data)
  • Right the published outcome (a custom asset canister per user aka a progressive web apps per user)

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Amazing UX!

How do you cost estimate this stuff at run time? Each ingress will cost some ICP(albeit nominal). A DDOS attack could exhaust your budgeted ICP.

Once again , the quality of the blog (look and feel) rivals the best on web2. Congratulations!

Nice idea, all the time when i convert online to pdf, svg or other extension, i’m a little worry about my document. Dozen of time i convert official document, id, passport, etc
Using a blockchain will give me a greater confidence.
I hope it will be a mainstream and for sure i will be one of many that will use it.

Means a lot :pray:

Well to speak frankly, I do not know yet. One of the things I should clear before we launch our beta next year. Currently it’s only charged with few cycles, therefore you are right, it can go down quite quickly.

That’s why it is not productive, I see it more as a test. Just hope no one will DDOS it now, I mean it’s christmas, be nice to each other and stuffs :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback!

The editor is also developed with an “offline-first” and “privacy-first” approach, which is interesting I think for sensible documents too.

If you do not make an account and use it anonymously, the data are only saved on your side (in your browser indexed-db). There is a function to export the data locally (to a custom json file) and another to load back such format.

Of course, it will be more handy, also secure and you get more feature by signin in with the internet identity and let the editor sync and publish the data in your canisters but, still, thought it was worth mentioning it.

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How about Ad revenues funding the views of published outcome for each user? Each view is injected (optionally) with Ads.

A web 2 concept (ala YouTube) but with the revenue going to the individual content creator?

Most probably no Ad revenues. Never say never but, I am kind of against it.

Do not know yet in which form and how but, agree, a revenue model in favor and for the content creators is something interesting!

So much opportunities and possibilities, 2022 will be exciting on the IC :rocket:

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The simplicity of the design is really something.
Any plan to optimize for mobile screens?
It would be cool if I could read that on my phone, but nevertheless awesome work.

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Definitely on the agenda. I should had already get rid of the too wide margin around the article, thanks for the reminder!

@coin_master it should be better now on mobile device :smiley:

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Yes it looks awesome, keep up the great work :smiley:

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Cool! Thanks a lot for the feedbacks :smiley:

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