zkCross Network Unveils ICP Integration: Transforming DeFi with One-Click Cross-Chain Transactions

zkCross Network: Transforming the future of DeFi interoperability.

1.0 Overview

zkCross Network is pioneering a transformative approach to decentralised finance (DeFi) by enabling seamless cross-chain liquidity movement and swaps with a single click. We offer a gateway to decentralised, trustless, and comprehensive financial services, addressing the critical need for interoperability and efficient liquidity transfer across the fragmented blockchain landscape.

Our platform enables frictionless transactions from fiat to cryptocurrency across blockchains, combining the simplicity of Web2 with the innovation of Web3. The core of our technology is the zkCross Protocol, a one-click solution that automates the complexities of blockchain interactions using smart contracts, making them invisible to the end user.

1.1 zkCross Protocol

The zkCross Protocol is our proprietary cross-chain technology, enabling users to swap assets across blockchains with a single click using multi-protocol automation. It is designed to handle the underlying complexities of cross-chain transactions, including smart contract interactions, liquidity sourcing, and token conversions. zkCross protocol is not just a tool but a foundational technology that can be integrated with blockchains to expand its DeFi capabilities.

1.2 The Ecosystem

The zkCross Network ecosystem is a comprehensive suite of DeFi Infrastructure-as-a-Service (laaS) that includes:

  • Liquidity Pools: Supporting EVM and non-EVM tokens across blockchains.
  • Cross-Chain Bridges: Facilitating the movement of assets between blockchains.
  • zkCross Protocol: Enabling fast, secure, and user-friendly one-click cross-chain swaps.
  • Fiat Gateway: Allowing users to enter and exit the crypto market directly with fiat currency

2.0 Integration with ICP

zkCross Network integration with the ICP Blockchain is a strategic initiative to enhance the utility, accessibility, and performance of the ICP and other blockchain ecosystems.

2.1 Decentralising Cross-Chain Bridge Watchers with ICP Canisters

Our primary focus is on integrating ICP canisters into the zkCross infrastructure to decentralise the monitoring of lock events on smart contracts across BSC, Arbitrum, Ethereum, Polygon and other blockchains. This integration aims to replace the centralised indexer with a more secure, decentralised system using ICP canisters for enhanced security and efficiency, ensuring a robust infrastructure for cross-chain transactions.

The initial grant enabled us to delve into ICP’s Canisters technology. This exploration led to the successful deployment of our initial project, with the code now openly accessible on GitHub for community engagement and transparency.

2.2 zkCrossDEX Integration

The next phase of our roadmap includes the launch of zkCrossDEX on ICP, a significant leap towards bridging liquidity from leading EVM chains to ICP.

This integration will also feature a Fiat on-ramp, simplifying access and enhancing the liquidity within the ICP ecosystem. Developing a DEX platform on ICP that supports a wide range of tokens and provides users with a simple, secure, and efficient mechanism for cross-chain swaps.

2.3 Anticipated Impact on ICP

The integration is expected to yield the following benefits:

  • Increased Liquidity: By connecting ICP to a broader network of blockchains, we anticipate a substantial influx of liquidity, which is vital for the growth of ICP’s DeFi sector.
  • Enhanced User Base: Simplifying the transaction process and the direct fiat gateway will attract a new cohort of crypto-novices and veterans.
  • DApp Development Stimulus: With more liquidity and a larger user base, developers will be incentivised to build and deploy innovative DApps on ICP, further enriching the ecosystem.
  • Improved Market Competitiveness: The integration will position ICP as a more competitive player in the DeFi space, capable of offering services comparable to leading blockchains.

2.4 Community Engagement and Governance

We are committed to engaging with the community at every stage. We will seek feedback, provide regular updates, and ensure the integration aligns with the community’s vision and governance protocols.

2.5 Long-Term Vision

The long-term vision for zkCrossDEX on ICP is to provide immediate benefits and lay the groundwork for sustained DeFi growth and innovation. We envision a thriving ecosystem where:

  • DeFi has become mainstream on ICP, with various financial services available to all users.
  • Developers are empowered to create dApps that leverage the full potential of zkCrossDEX’s features through zkCrossSDK.
  • ICP has become a hub for cross-chain interactions, recognised for its ease of use and advanced DeFi capabilities.

The ICP zkCrossDEX is set to be a transformative addition to the ICP blockchain, bringing a suite of features that will catalyse the growth of its DeFi ecosystem.

2.6 Benefits of zkCrossDEX

The ICP zkCrossDEX is designed to address several critical challenges and transform the ICP ecosystem.

  • Bridging the DeFi Infrastructure Gap: Currently, ICP faces the challenge of an undefined Total Value Locked (TVL) due to a need for robust DeFi infrastructure. zkCrossDEX will provide the tools and platforms to establish a definitive TVL, attracting more DeFi activities.
  • Bridge Liquidity Gaps: zkCrossDEX will significantly enhance liquidity within the ICP ecosystem by connecting ICP with other significant blockchains.
  • Simplify User Interaction: The integration of the zkCross Protocol will offer a user-friendly interface, making DeFi accessible to everyone.
  • Boosting On-Chain Trading Volumes: The integration of zkCrossDEX will significantly increase on-chain trading volumes by facilitating more accessible and efficient transactions.
  • Simplifying ICP Token Acquisition: Many potential users are deterred by the complexities of purchasing ICP tokens through centralised exchanges. zkCrossDEX will streamline this process, making it more accessible.
  • Expanding User Base: By addressing these challenges, zkCrossDEX will retain and engage the existing community and attract new users and investors, expanding the ICP ecosystem.
  • Foster Ecosystem Growth: With improved infrastructure, zkCrossDEX will stimulate the development of new DApps and attract more users and developers to ICP.

3.0 Summary

In summary, the integration of zkCross Network with ICP marks a pivotal moment for its ecosystem. This initiative aims to overcome challenges and harness the blockchain’s unique strengths.

We aim to launch a comprehensive, user-friendly cross-chain DEX platform, transforming ICP into a more inclusive and diverse financial landscape. Integrating our zkCross Protocol simplifies cross-chain liquidity movements, establishing a new benchmark in DeFi interactions and bridging ICP with other blockchains to enhance the utility and value of ICP tokens.

By leveraging ICP’s innovative technology, zkCrossDEX aims to set a new standard for secure, efficient, and user-friendly cross-chain liquidity movement and decentralised exchange functionality. We invite the ICP community and the DFINITY Foundation to support us, enabling us to contribute to the ICP ecosystem’s growth and the broader DeFi landscape.


When will you go live and what’s your roadmap

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We are in the process of applying for the follow-up grant. Aiming to make it live by June 2024.

A great project, I hope it can be launched as soon as possible. Maybe you should get involved with this: DeFi Working Group - #20 by skilesare

Bring DEFI to ic eco. :clap:

Thank you for sharing the link @ICdex! :raised_hands:
We are on a mission to enable DeFi on ICP.

Thanks for your comment @Margarita_K, we are on a mission to enable DeFi on ICP. As soon as the grant gets approved we will be in full swing to make zkCrossDEX happen on ICP.


Hi, is this project still working to deploy on ICP?
and will the EX3 dex have an orderbook style swap?