Wrapped cycles live and EXT (token standard)

We are working on a few things over here at Toniq, but the latest project we released is a refined version of an earlier repo we posted - Wrapped Trillion Cycles - or WTC. This wraps cycles and mints WTC tokens in their place where 1 WTC = 1T cycles. We are still making some changes behind the scenes, testing and adding features, but feel free to test it out if you are a developer. You can load WTC directly into Stoic, but minting is a bit more advanced currently (we hope to support direct minting through our minter canister).

WTC is built using our Extendable Token standard - EXT. Check out the repo here. There’s a working erc20.mo example and we plan to add an erc721 example too.

Credit to all of the devs/users who participated in discussions, we pieced together what we believe is a versatile token standard that can be adapted in many ways to work with a range of assets and asset types.


I like the way you are doing extensions. I’d recommend something more domain like so that we don’t run into name clashes. Something like com_token_subscribe or com_pubsub_subscribe.

…and I still think you should change subscribe to notify so it isn’t confused with subscriptions like paying 10 tokens a month.

Where is the best place to contribute to the conversations? The issues on this repo? Or do you all have another forum?

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Yeah I agree re: domain like - this thought did come to me and the extensions listed in the app are in the form @ext/Common etc (similar to node deps). Thanks for the comment.

Issues in the repo are definitely best I think - keep all the comments in one place. I’m looking at adding more documentation to https://opencan.io/ as well. All comments, issues and PRs are accepted :slight_smile:

re: subscription - yes true, I did remember reading that point earlier by you in a previous discussion but totally forgot about it when quickly piecing the extensions together. Will definitely circle back to this and make some changes. Most of the proposed extensions are very early and basic so hopefully more devs can assist there too