Would Chia Network (also backed by a16z like DFINITY) Be A Natural Candidate For Integration Since They Use BLS?

Chia (XCH):

  • BLS

  • Around 500,000 nodes right now (more than BTC and ETH combined, by a significant amount)

  • UTXO and has a great team + several backers that intersect w/ the DFINITY ecosystem

Chia already has its own smart contract language, but it’s going to be looking for Layer-2 solutions pretty soon + getting ready to launch its official native asset standard.

Natural fit for Internet Computer integration?

From everything I know, they are close to signing some kind of CDBC deal and legitimately getting parts of the global carbon credit market on-chain → There should be plenty of reason to utilize the throughput that IC provides.

This could seriously be the chain that ends up as the rails for the digital Euro (I don’t think that’s going to be the deal they’re getting ready to announce in Q4, though).


I’m a bit new to the governance system, but if people think this integration makes sense, then I can submit a proposal for getting this in the works after the BTC (not sure how the ETH integration is going to end up playing out).

What’s the best short guide for how to utilize the NNS for something like this? I’m purely interested in “do this to create and submit a proposal in the way that makes it most likely to succeed”, not an exhaustive guide to the innovations and features of NNS right now, since it’s such a big subject.

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The only chia I’m familiar with are the seeds that go into my smoothies.

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OK but for real, is there a technological reason to pick Chia over IC? They are both layer-1 blockchains with their own smart contract language. Or are you suggesting Chia leverage IC simply because Chia already has some pre-existing deals / nodes?

I’m talking about Chia Network using the Internet Computer as one of their scaling solutions, not “picking one over the other” or anything like that – I’m wondering if the fact that both IC and XCH use BLS would make this integration easy for the DFINITY team to do after the ones that are planned.

Anybody have thoughts on whether the signature compatibility would make this a quick project? (Pick your favorite BLS chain if you aren’t familiar with Chia, doesn’t matter; question is still the same.)

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