Will motoko canister/dfx support protobuf?

I found that ledger canister has some interfaces that use protobuf for canister interface:

I guess this is done for efficiency.

But currently dfx and motoko canister only support candid-based interface calls, and cannot call this protobuf-based interface:

The Replica returned an error: code 4, message: "IC0503: Canister ryjl3-tyaaa-aaaaa-aaaba-cai trapped explicitly: Panicked at 'Deserialization Failed: "failed to decode Protobuf message: unexpected end group tag"', /home/peter/ic/rs/rust_canisters/dfn_core/src/endpoint.rs:34:41"

So will motoko canister/dfx support protobuf?

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It seems like if you want to integrate the registry from a motoko canister, you’ll have to build protobufs yourself :grimacing:


Plus Motoko doesn’t even allow you to send “raw” IC messages, i.e. it only talks Candid.

You see, Candid is the official interop language for the Internet Computer, but not the only one. Or something like that…