Will Internet Identity be able to issue HTTPS certificates?

I saw that II is going directly to issue HTTPS certificates in the future, which may overturn the Https certificate market in the community’s article.

This feature attracted me in terms of II is not only DID.
So, I tried to search for this information to understand it well, but I couldn’t find them.
Please tell me what this means or some resources to understand.


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There are currently no plans to have II – Internet Identity – issue certificates, at least in the sense of X.509. The main reason is that II is a protocol for user authentication, and those certificates are rarely used for client authentication in practice.

There are two aspects which you are referring to:

  • Support of attributes for users: We will support “attributes” in the sense that some issuer (a canister) can assign then to a user, and relying parties (other canisters) can then validate that a given user was assigned a certain attribute. This is most in line with verifiable credentials.
  • A decentralized CA on the IC: This will be possible once the IC supports ECDSA signatures on a different cryptographic curve. There is no need to tie this directly to II, though.

The question reads as if you’re referring to the latter, but as you’re also mentioning DIDs, you may also refer to the former.