Will Dfinity attend to any kind of blockchain summits this year?

I just watched the Korean Blockchain week and asked myself why Dfinity was not there since all the other web3 projects was there and represented


Yes we are. Jan was recently in Singapore. Dom will be on several conferences this year - he will also be on a panel with Vitalik. The confirmed events are published on the website.


No one knows about dfinity in Korea.
As a Korean, I guarantee

Now that big institutional money is entering the market it would be a good time to get the word out there

Origyn will be at ETHMexico this weekend. Come say hi.

Where is this posted on the website?

The Korean marketing contractor currently trying to make deals with university of Korea knows about it. Creating a global brand takes time.

I have never seen a Korean blockchain expert or professor mention icp. I’m sure there’s a lot of work to be done.

We will soon share a new initiative where you can all participate in raising IC’s profile :rocket:

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Any word on this? I can’t find it on the website – was it removed?

I could not seem to find it either. :pensive: