Why the DFINITY foundation decided to reject proposal 124338

Dear IC Community Members,

TL;DR: The nodes part of proposal 124338 don’t have a P2P network address due to an issue in the node registration process. The foundation voted ‘NO’ for this proposal, and a solution is in the works.

Here is an overview of the situation and the steps being taken to rectify it:

The Issue

Approximately a month ago, a replica version upgrade inadvertently altered the registration process of new nodes, causing them to register without a P2P network address, which is crucial for connecting to other peers. Currently, only one of these nodes is part of the NNS subnet. Proposal 124338 intends to introduce two more to the NNS.

Foundation’s Stand

Despite the IC’s robust fault tolerance which makes the NNS withstand up to 13 node failures without hampering the NNS functionality, the foundation has chosen to vote ‘NO’ on proposal 124338. The reason behind this decision is to prevent adding known malfunctioning nodes to any subnet, ensuring the network stays running at full capacity.

The Solution

In the upcoming release, a fix will be implemented that utilizes the correctly registered IP address - which corresponds to the P2P network address and can be derived from other information in the node record - to restore connectivity. This fix will automatically rectify the issue for all affected nodes, requiring no action from the node providers who registered last month.

Moving forward

We plan to propose additional invariant checks in the node registration process to make sure such malformed node records are not accepted by the NNS in the future.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification.