Why can't find any method in the storage canister?

When I get the storage canister id(qjdve-lqaaa-aaaaa-aaaeq-cai) by this:

dfx canister --network=ic call ockk2-xaaaa-aaaai-aaaua-cai block '(1763668)'

I can’t find any method in the canister(qjdve-lqaaa-aaaaa-aaaeq-cai). How can I get the block in the storage canister?

Why do all the call return the same message?

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That’s probably an error message, if you call the method from the canister’s Candid UI you’ll be able to see the response decoded:

(That particular error is being forwarded on from the ledger canister’s block_pb protobuf endpoint, that’s the method that’s throwing the error.)

Re your original question and seeing the methods: They may not be showing up on that page because the storage canister is not serving up its own candid (via __get_candid_interface_tmp_hack), ic.rocks is checking for this to populate the page.

It return a canister id or principal, but when I use in command like this:

dfx canister --network=ic call qjdve-lqaaa-aaaaa-aaaeq-cai block '(179886)'

it tells me no such method.

How can I get block in the storage canister?