Where are current Quill SHA256 hashes?

Hi all, I’m trying to download and install Quill, but it’s failing the SHA256 hash verification. The only SHA256 hash I could find is on the wiki, and I assume it’s an old one. Are current hashes for the most recent releases available somewhere?

Looking at the wiki page it says further down:

You should see:

quill 0.2.12

The hashes listed are probably from that version as well. The current version is 0.2.17. It makes sense that the hashes don’t match.

I’ll ping the relevant folks if they can a) update the hashes and b) include publication of the new hashes in the release process. For now I see three options you have:

  • Just skip hash verification (not recommended)
  • Go back to 0.2.12 with the matching hashes. Looking at the changelog this should work
  • Build from source yourself. The build instructions are very straightforward if you’re used to coding even a little bit.
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