When will it be possible to interact with Solana on the IC?

Hi there, I noticed that your roadmap mentions the Helium milestone:

Chain Fusion Supports Solana
This milestone enables Chain Fusion for the Solana network, bringing Solana and ICP closer together, combining the powers of the two networks. Dapps leveraging the capabilities of both networks look and feel like single-network dapps.
Threshold EdDSA signing
Threshold EdDSA support using cryptographic multiparty computation (MPC). Enables trustless integrations with all chains using EdDSA on the Ed25519 curve like Solana or Cardano.
Solana RPC canister
RPC canister connecting to Solana RPC providers to integrate with the Solana network. Enables two-way communication with the Solana network.

I would like to know the current progress of this milestone and when these two functionalities can be used on IC canister?"

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We are a few months (not weeks or years) away from this. The signature work is well underway.


@boern Do you have any concrete plans or use cases?

You can start interacting with Solana today:

  • You can interact with Solana RPCs using HTTPS outcalls. The Galactic Bridge is doing this (see e.g. the code inside sol_rpc_client.

@domwoe, thanks for your response. I am from Omnity dev, and we are planning to implement cross-chain between IC (Internet Computer) and Solana on Omnity.

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