When will canisters be able to hold ICP?

As of now, canisters cannot hold ICP.

Canisters also cannot control neurons, unfortunately.

When will these restrictions be lifted?


Bump, these are definitely critical functions for DAOs/community-run canisters

Can’t imagine if the Ethereum smart contract can’t handle ETH


The main attack vector seems to be that rogue node operator can currently sniff out wasm memory.

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Wasm memory sniffing is a concern if you are using a manually created private key on the server. This doesn’t preclude the system from allowing canisters to hold ICP in the ledger under their principle. It is just expressly forbidden at the moment. Once it is allowed, the consensus mechanism should keep the ICP secure. The ICP ledger will just look at the principle sending the transaction(a canister) and the network would verify that the canister accurately created the network call.