When can we have our own IC stablecoin?


Coming soon to a cyber space near you


Lack of substantial ckBTC as an anchor asset, and it seems that USB is collateralized lending rather than a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US dollar. I’ve read some information about USB and feel it’s insufficient to issue a large amount of stablecoin to support user usage. If my understanding is incorrect, I hope someone can explain it to me.

That indeed is what I am thinking about. I really don’t understand what Dom think, maybe he think technology could change everything. I think the dfinity foundation should put some resources to this big thing rather than just waiting for stable coins coming automatically. @dominicwilliams


Native stablecoin and Rosetta API are equally important. I don’t understand why these two significant needs are not included in the roadmap, to be executed in advance as important proposals for the community. Look at other blockchain projects, like SolChat for example. We are losing all first-mover advantages. When your technological advantages cannot be translated into user growth, what is the value of boasting about your technology?


I agree, the need for native stablecoins like USDC, USDT, etc is paramount, if only for the massive liquidity that it brings to the ecosystem. I am new to the ecosystem and one of the things that made me a believer was the fact that the community gets to decide on what is important. This seems to be of utmost importance judging from the responses in this thread. Why doesn’t someone in the community create the proposal to bring in these stablecoins into the ecosystem? I am sure it will enjoy an overwhelming yes vote.


You have visited Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong many times. These places are home to a large number of old money and traditional financial institutions. However, you have failed to invite traditional capital to participate in the construction of the world’s most advanced ICP net, and you have not made efforts to attract more stablecoin issuers. This is a manifestation of arrogance and prejudice. @dominicwilliams @Jan

It has been almost three years since the ICP mainnet went live, yet there is still no stablecoin available on the platform. This is a serious strategic mistake.

I urge you to be more humble. You should actively seek more extensive commercial cooperation, and respect the voices of investors and other holders. Otherwise, more SNS projects will fail in the future.


IC need usdc and usdt,ckusdt and ckusdc is not enough


By the way, few weeks is a how long for dfinity team? 3 months is not enough for few weeks? few weeks means what actually? more than few months?


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@dominicwilliams Hope you could hear the voice from the community rather than just living in your own world thinking your own thing.

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Yeah, (not only) in crypto, everything is soon, right around the corner, few weeks… And you’re lucky if you get to see it ever.

Probably some marketing strategy. I’m not a fan of that, but I understand that if everyone else is doing it, you don’t really have a choice. And if you look at other ecosystems, everyone else is doing it.

With DFINITY and ICP I feel encouraged and privileged that (most of) the promised features are actually being developed and are delivered, albeit sometimes later than originally anticipated.



Working in isolation without seeking input feedback.

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Stablecoins don’t seem that important to me during the Bull market phase of the cycle.
Any stablecoins on ETH can become “ck” when ETH integration phase 2 is completed this quarter. Just sounds like this thread is people trying to move an immovable wall. Stop beating a dead horse - sit back and relax crypto boys & girls. You will live a happier life if you stop bitching about things you can’t change or influence.
Lol what’s the hurry? Let’s sell all our BTC and alt coins and put them in a stablecoin. Hehehe.

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According to CMC data, ICP’s market share in the entire blockchain is only about 0.26%

How does Dfinity increase market share? Rely on your advanced technology? If there is a lack of users, no matter how good the technology or the number of developers the entire community has, it will not be of any help. Where are our user base? Should we let developers and small entrepreneurs do their own marketing and find users? It is difficult for our developers and small entrepreneurs to compete with established communities such as Telegram, uni, aave, and Binance for users!

Only stablecoins are the best breakthrough, and stablecoins on the blockchain are what the world urgently needs.

ICP under ii management is far ahead of various blockchain wallets, plug-in wallets and various APP wallets in terms of savings and payments. Why should we bury our heads in the desert like ostriches to escape global competition? Looking for reputable stablecoin issuers around the world to work together to release original ecological stablecoins is no less than a war in the fiercely competitive blockchain market.

Native stablecoins coming to the ICP network have at least the following advantages:

  1. Let ICP surpass PayPal and reach the leading position in global digital payment 3.0:
  2. Allow more traditional savings to be moved to ICP in a decentralized manner, bringing huge liquidity and asset value to ICP;
  3. Challenge the global SWIFT system and directly compete in the SWIFT currency market. This is the greatest progress in business civilization, unless some people are afraid of competition and face traditional financial power.
  4. Completely increase the number of ICP users. A huge number of WEB2 users will accept ICP, learn and use ICP, thereby getting out of the narrow situation of only competing for users in the blockchain market with traditional blockchain communities such as ETH, SOL, and AVAX.
  5. Completely increase the price of ICP, increase the market share of ICP, bring a positive impact to the SNS within the ecosystem, and release the liquidity and innovation capabilities of various enterprises.

After the development of ckBTC and ckETH, how many blockchain head assets will come to ICP? Please don’t deceive yourself. Those two to three hundred ckBTC are not as large as the number in a whale wallet. Just rely on the pitiful ck assets on the dashboard. How do you lead the rise of the ecosystem and face the market of other public blockchains compete? There is no shame in proactively seeking cooperation with stablecoin issuers. Stablecoin issuers are better at handling legal issues and the business of on-chain assets. How can a community that cannot see the strengths and advantages of other companies lead the small and medium-sized enterprises in its own community? I hope someone from the Dfinity will face this problem soon! Don’t be an ostrich! ! !


So do we have stablecoin now? How are we supposed to onboard web2 customers into ICP if we don’t have stablecoin? The market of crypto native is small compared to onboarding new customers from web2 to web3

Well said 100% agreed I think using native usdc or ustd with open chat features like p2p swaps will be killer usecase

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Through recent comments from other users in the community, I learned that perhaps stablecoins are a resource of political interest. As engineers who believe in logic and mathematical algorithms and believe that technological innovation drives social change, including Dfinity, these people may not have much social contact. Abilities can collaborate and communicate with power centers.

From today on, I will no longer make any comments on the native stablecoins on ICP.

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I learned a lot from your posts, please don’t stop thinking and sharing about stablecoin.

Our team’s research and opinions on native stablecoin:

Viewpoint: Building a Native Stablecoin for the ICP Ecosystem

Continuing Insights: A Comprehensive Examination of the Native and Stable Aspects of stablecoin

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Under the guidance of these ideas, CLP is working hard to build.