What to do when 'Windows Security' asks for a USB key

Just putting this out there but you shouldn’t need a security key, but this may be something I haven’t bumped into yet. Smartphones have great webauthn implementations and your OS/browser should let you use software-based key management. Having the “multiple devices” backup thing is a little janky, but I’d argue that’s a fault of webauthn and not dfinity, although I’ve heard they’re working to find a better solution.

Edit: for clarity I don’t use windows, but if you’re using firefox I believe you can enable software-based auth in about:config


No, like Chrome, Firefox requires a device to be plugged into the USB. Like jfw1987 said in the 1st reply, you can’t use the Internet Computer if you’re running Windows 10 unless you have a Yubikey or Ledger device. I assume Linux has the same problem.

My guess is that most everyone not developing on it are using smartphones that provide their own “security devices”. But my phones don’t work with it. I’ll wait on Dfinity to provide instructions and to correct existing instructions (such as saying Chome on Android works and that a pin on Windows works).

Thank you. After browsing this post, I took out my Ledger Nano S to install Fido U2F, and now I can log into the Intenet Computer with Ledger Nano S to authenticate Chrome

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I’m on chrome and I am using a Ledger Nano S with Fido U2F application and I see this?


What is my solution?

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I thought I was dumb. Turns out, I’m not the one.

Thanks for the info.
I was just able to use a nano x to add my windows pc as a new device.
If anyone is trying to do the same thing and having trouble - it’s honestly pretty simple once you do it.
I am new to using any Key device & ICP so it seemed way more daunting than it was.

Is anyone experiencing an issue using nano with chrome after it initially works?
The login page prompts for the key (nano x).
I attach it, and hit authorize when it prompts saying “touch key”.
Everything looks good, no errors - but I just get dropped back to the login page.